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56% of Attempted Break-ins Are Not Reported

Imagine returning home to discover that someone had attempted to break-in while you were out. This is an all too common scenario that happens every day in Australia.

Australian Bureau of Statistics released survey results in February 2014 about their last experience with an attempted break-in and was defined as an unauthorised person trying to enter their house by force.

Attempted Break-Ins Infographic

It’s alarming that 56% of attempted break-ins were not even reported to the police. The primary reasons were due to the incident not seeming significant enough or the belief that the police couldn’t do anything about it.

As you would expect, in the majority of surveyed incidents the doors or windows were damaged trying to enter the home or the burglar was seen/heard.

As a result, installing a reliable alarm system is not enough. Ongoing home alarm monitoring will keep your family and valuables safe as a security officer will be dispatched if and when required, even if you’re not home.