Our Company Aspirations

Security Rangers can provide all of your security needs. Our unique Integrated Asset Protection approach to contract security manages people, procedures and technology to achieve real value and peace of mind.

Security Rangers aspirations are to assure:

  • The complete satisfaction of quality-conscious customers
  • The development of staff professionalism and pride
  • Continued responsible and profitable growth
  • Commitment to the South-East Qld community

We are highly respected in the security sector and are committed to the following:

We are committed to delivering quality services to our customers.
We are leaders in the application of quality management concepts and strive to continually improve our processes and services. Our improvement culture enables our staff to be heard, make a difference, improve the quality of work life and take advantage of increased opportunities.

We continuously invest in our future by bringing new talent into the most sophisticated training program in the industry.

We have developed, formalised and automated systems that enable real pokies for money us to effectively and efficiently deliver results.

We have exceptional continuity in our middle and senior management ranks.
Our goals are clearly defined and we have established a firm foundation on which to build.

Security Rangers is a quality-driven business. We provide quality security based on client specifications and our pledge of partnership, commitment and continuous improvement.