Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute towards the quality of life by fostering a stable environment in which security is balanced with freedom of movement and individual rights are balanced with community needs.

The success of this mission depends upon a true partnership between Security personnel and the diverse population in our community – a partnership built on mutual respect and responsibility.

Toward that partnership, the Staff of Security Rangers QLD pledge their respect for the needs and rights of the community, their diligence and professionalism in the protection of persons, property and rights, and to their determination to strive to seek new and better ways to reduce the opportunity for crime, to increase safety awareness, and to encourage a sense of concern for each others safety and well-being.

Security Rangers contend that all staff and clients must also accept their individual and pokies online collective responsibilities to make our Community a place which is free of fear and to provide a civil and orderly environment which fosters learning, research and creativity

The mission of Security Rangers QLD is to become the leader in the private security industry by setting the standards for others to emulate while providing each and every client with the highest quality service possible.

At Security Rangers, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality service to each client thus resulting in long-term business relationship and profitable growth for our organisation.

In achieving these goals, Security Rangers QLD stands accountable to its clients and open to the ideas and concerns of its clients.