Corporate Capabilities

Our Core Competencies

Threat Protect is able to demonstrate comprehensive core competencies in security including:

  • Monitored security solutions 24/7
  • Protection of your people and business
  • Corporate risk consultation
  • Protecting your family
  • Personal duress monitoring

Monitored Security Solutions 24/7

Threat Protect is a leading Australia security company, with state- of- the-art technology and systems that meet and exceed the rigorous Australian Standards.

We offer the most advanced security technology to that our clients can operate safely and securely. From base to base alarms through to purpose built security systems; we have the expertise you need.

Our 24/7 control room is graded A1 by Government Auditors, this is the highest grading a control centre can receive.

CCTV & Access Control

We provide CCTV systems that offer added security for your team plus surveillance of your premises for further investigation after an incident. We also provide access control installations that can range from a simple swipe card entry to biometric and magnetic access. We utilise the latest technology in our installations, ensuring 24/7 surveillance, recording and security of your premises. Nothing is missed.

Security guards

In the event of activation our uniformed security guards can step in and see that all is well, day or night.

Recommend and Provision the solution

We pride ourselves on keeping the communication lines open during the quoting and installation process. We assess each situation personally whilst conducting a comprehensive security appraisal to ensure our clients are informed and that their requirements are met.

We employ our own technicians who have a wide range of experience with all types of electronic security. This means Threat Protect is well suited to providing quality installations and upgrades.

Because of our experience we can provide regular and comprehensive maintenance programs for your security systems.


Protecting People and Businesses Assets 

Security Officers

The uniformed officer, whether in a patrolling or static position has a critical role in protecting people and property as well as providing information for a client’s benefit. Threat Protect provides highly trained and well groomed Security Officers, many with military or law enforcement experience.

Secure Transport

A secure transport service is a personal delivery service performed by a highly trained security operative with significant international covert military or police experience. Threat Protect provides intra-state, interstate and international deliveries.

Concierge Services

Threat Protect provides concierge personnel who provide a security presence as well as delivering reception services.

Executive Protection

Protection of people, Close Personal Protection (CPP), can be required in any environment, from countries that are politically and socially unstable to those considered first world.

CPP becomes part of a security management plan when a threat is perceived to exist to specific individuals.


Corporate Risk Consulting

Detection of listening devices

Threat Protect experts, trained to know exactly where to look and what to look for, can enter your premises and conduct a thorough search for any unauthorised devices.

Auditing and Investigations

Drawing on many years of experience, our consultants are able to carry out comprehensive security audits and threat assessments both locally and internationally.

Corporate Investigation

We conduct our investigation under the strictest of confidence and absolute discretion. All assignments are formalised with supporting reports necessary for any legal action.


Threat Protect are able to assist in gathering evidence as part of due diligence exercises, corporate and background checks. We provide counter surveillance services


Protect your family

Monitoring Security Services

Our services extend to the home and family.

Nothing is more important than your family so give them the protection they deserve.

Threat Protect provides 24/7 monitored security systems for the home including alarm installation and maintenance,

As a leading Australian security company our staff has the highest levels of professionalism and ethics, providing a broad range of world class home security.

In the event of activation our uniformed security guards can step in and see that all is well, day or night

Personal duress monitoring

In late 2014, Threat Protect recognized the need for a personal and easily assessable way of getting assistance.

Safe Haven is the app that turns your smart phone into a powerful personal security device. It operates 24/7; we are there by your side.

The founders wanted to develop a personal application for the smart phone that was affordable and the best in the market. This meant that activation meant a guaranteed personal response, the person dealing with the activation knew where you were and the trained operator does not quit until you are safe. This was achieved.

Safe Haven was launched in March 2016 with overwhelming results which included being featured in a Channel nine news article.

The app has proved to be successful in almost all walks of life, from school children to lone workers and from local councils to large corporations.

Safe Haven adds very much to the Threat Protect mantra of security without compromise.

Home Alarm Monitoring