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Important Considerations When Choosing an Alarm System

Consult with a reputable home security system adviser.

Choose a system that has at least a 12 months Warranty and a company that includes their labour in that Warranty.

Choose a system that not only includes a dialer for monitoring but an internal and external sounder for local notification.

Do I require monitoring? Is the Alarm System discounted if I choose a monitoring contract? How can I get out of that contract should my circumstances change?

Do I need a phone line? Are there options for monitoring if I don’t have a phone line?

What ongoing maintenance do I need and how much will it cost?

How many zones (detection devices) are required and can the Alarm System cater to future additional zones?

Choose a system with a back-up battery for when the power goes out.

Choose a system that is User Friendly for everybody in the family. If it is too hard to operate, it won’t be used.

Determine the needs of the family. What areas require what protection? Do I want protection on doors and windows? Do I have pets inside to consider? Would monitored Smoke Detectors provide greater peace of mind? Would I like the system to Arm certain zones at night time when I am home?

Can cables be run in the home or is wireless devices the only option? If wireless is the only option, can it cover the farthest distance required?

How many keypads are required? Will remote controls provide better convenience for my family?

Speak to your insurance company about any requirements they request and if you are entitled to discounts on your premiums.

“Ensure you are happy and fully understand what you are receiving before you proceed. Does it meet all your requirements? This is an investment of Peace of Mind more than anything else. Make sure you’re comfortable with the outcome before installation. A little time and effort now, can save you in the long term.